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Feb 6th Update

Lovely support and encouragement from ocean rower Roz Savage

“I’m wishing Darren and Alex the very best of mariners’  luck and an amazing experience on the Pacific this year. I love their philosophy and their attitude to life. Happy paddling, guys!”

roz hawaii boat smile

And for those of you who haven’t already seen the photo’s on Facebook, these are the pics of our boat being born!! Charlie Pitcher and the guys at Rannoch Adventure start putting down the first layers of carbon fibre into the mould, creating the very beginning of the boat that will carry us safely across the Pacific!!


The Highs and the Lows…

A busy few days, with both highs and lows. Had a really good chat with Jim from Mactra Marine Equipment, who are supplying our electric and hand operated desalinator that will provide us with freshwater during the crossing. Jim lent one to one of the competitors in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic challenge, and should have it back in his talented hands now. He will service and test it before sending to Charlie at Rannoch Adventure to be fitted in the boat. Jim is a great guy, and very supportive of what Alex has already accomplished. He is also going to give both of us a tutorial in how to maintain both desalinators, so that we will be able to repair them should anything go wrong while at sea.

I had a chat with Joel from OverBoard – The Leaders in Waterproof Bags & Cases, and they have also come on board as product sponsors, providing different types of waterproof containers/bags to protect all the different gadgets and gizmo’s we will have on board. I met Joel at the London Boat show, and Overboard are also helping out Team Boatylicious with gear as well. It’s great to find another company that believe in the sport of Ocean rowing, and are happy to support those who are adventurous enough to try it!!

On Thursday evening I had a meeting with members of The Oxfordshire Project in Witney. I have spoken about this group before, and how much I enjoy being involved with them. They are a collective of Oxfordshire based businesses/companies, that believe in operating in an ethical manner, and I have always come away from their meetings feeling good. Ben Molyneux, who started the collective and has been a great source of help and information, has brought together a group of like minded people from within the project to try and start a charitable arm of the Oxfordshire Project, with the aim of helping lots of different causes in whatever way that they can, while also helping people learn new skills along the way.

While both Alex and myself are still confident in what we are doing, I don’t think that either of us could have foreseen the difficulties that we would encounter with raising money to finance Row The Pacific 2014, and I would be lying if I said that we can do this on our own, without any outside help. The people that I met on Thursday evening were an extremely positive and altruistic group, and very interested in Alex and what he is trying to do. Many have offered their help in trying to promote us and with trying to raise the finance that we so desperately need. As a result of that evening, I now have a meeting on Monday morning with a chap called Mike Cilliers who has offered to try and help in the finance department. Obviously, he cannot guarantee anything, but I will let you know how it goes…