The Difference You Could Make

We’ve titled our sponsors brochure ‘Hope & Glory’ for good reason. Sponsors of Pacific Row will be delivering ‘hope’, perhaps especially to those looking for a cure for Parkinson’s. They will also benefit from extensive global media coverage before, during and after the event. They will be invited to bask in the ‘glory’ of the team’s accomplishments. The team has the will, spirit and drive to be the first boat across the finish line. Others have crossed the Pacific before, but no pair has ever rowed this particular route; it’s one of the few remaining ‘firsts’ left in this world.

Pacific Row is seeking to work closely with a corporate title sponsor – to realise brand visibility. This will include but is not limited to the following:
• Right to name the team and boat;
• Logo branded clothing to be worn by crew for all media events, during training and during the race;
• Logo brand on side of boat and on boat trailer;
• Logo brand in prominent position inside boat;
• Logo brand in prominent position on team website home page; company mentioned on website plus links to own website;
• Logo brand in a prominent position on all social media sites; championed on team social media sites and blog; and mentioned wherever possible in press and media;

In addition:
• Personal appearances by crew and boat. Alex and Darren both have public speaking experience;
• Company video to appear on Pacific Row 2014 YouTube channel;
• Ownership of oar (post race, obviously);
• Invite to launch party in California and award ceremony in Hawaii.
• Film footage, photos, email/tweet updates and audio files by satellite datalink for own website; • Twice monthly column on own website by crew giving the current status up to the start , including photos and video footage;
• And more, wherever possible.