The Support Team: With Us For The Distance

The Training:

The programme is designed to get Darren and Alex sea-ready for the rigours of ocean rowing. Taking them beyond the conditioning that can be achieved with working on ergonomic rowers alone, Darren and Alex have to be ready for whatever is thrown at them.

At the centre of his programme lies the objective of developing a superbly conditioned core. This will allow them to control their strokes even when they are being buffed around by the waves and give them the endurance to continue when the going gets tough.

We are also working at mobility and resetting their muscle balance, both of which will reduce the chances of sustaining a voyage-ending injury and make every movement that little bit smoother and more efficient.

There is a huge emphasis on whole body movement, as opposed to isolating muscles as is commonly the practice in body-building protocols. We also look at developing a full range of movement through everything that we do rather than incorporate hours of tedious stretching into every day.

The last key to his programme is variety. Over the following weeks you’ll see what a wide range of approaches we’ll use, all of which will contribute to getting Darren and Alex ready for every eventuality.

The Courses:
New Ocean Wave take the safety of the crews competing in the Great Pacific Race extremely seriously. As well as comprehensive list of safety equipment that all boats must adhere to, all crew members must have passed specific safety based courses that will ensure that they have the correct skills to deal with life at sea before they will be allowed to take part in the race.

All courses sponsored by:

Hamble School of Yachting

Course Date Completed – Darren Date Completed – Alex
Boat US (NASBLA approved) Foundation Course Californian Boating Safety Certificate n/a n/a
VHF / DSC course UK: RYA – Short Range Certificate (SRC) 7th December 2013 7th December 2013
Sea Survival course (both theory and practical parts are required) UK: RYA – Offshore safety – ISAF approved offshore personal survival course 16th November 2013 19th October 2013
First aid UK: RYA – First aid course 8th December 2013 20th October 2013
Boating skills and advanced navigation UK: RYA – Yachtmaster Offshore Theory and Competent Crew n/a n/a


Boat with Equipment


Categories Items Provided by
Safety Kits Liferaft
Safety harness
Safety line
Tracking device
Fire blanket
Fire extinguisher
Immersion suit
Manually operated watermaker
Emergency ditch kit
Other safety equipment Flares
Medical kit
Sea sickness tablets
Daylight signalling mirror
Knife in sheath
Retro reflective tape
Electrical requirements AIS Radar Transponder
Radar Target Enhancer
Satellite telephone
VHF radio (multiple channel)
GPS unit
Electric watermaker
All round white navigation light
Internsl light
Battery isolation switch
Battery monitor
Solar panels
Switch panel
Water Ballast emergency water containers
Day containers
Rowing Equipment Sliding seats
Food & cooking Freeze-dries food
Cooking Gas
Matches or oth, ignition device
Lines and ropes Parachute anchor setup
Retrieval line x 2
Towing eye
Stern drogue eye
Towing strop
Purpose made throwing line
Grab lines
Misc. Buckets
Handbearing compass
Charts x 5
Binoculars or Monocular
Manually-operated bilge pumps
Clothing Foul weather clothing


Sir Ranulph Fiennes

“Rarely does one hear about such an inspirational and heroic Briton as Alex Flynn. The challenges he has successfully undertaken would be considered seriously hard by anyone’s standards and are, in my view, independently worthy of recognition.” “I wish Darren and Alex every success in their bid to win the inaugural Great Pacific Race and bring the world record home for Britain.”
Sir Ranulph Fiennes OBE (photo: John Cleare)